USAPonzi-The Great American Fraud

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Whistleblower Letter to The
March 6, 2016    Emailed to Watchdog 3/6/16
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To: Dave Lieber

CC: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
       The Wall Street Journal
       The New York Times
       The Dallas Morning News

Fr: John W. White
      Plano, Texas

This is a Whistleblower Letter.

The U.S. Government is using a corrupt and fraudulent fiscal policy and accounting system that is giving the illusion of economic prosperity and wealth for the citizens of the United States of America and in fact for the entire planet.

I realize that many people know about this fraud but nobody wants to admit to it because it is making the people that can do something about it very very rich and it will cause a massive global economic depression when the fraud is exposed and acknowledged.

The U.S. Government is using Cash Accounting rather than the proper GAAP Accounting and as a result is running a massive Ponzi scheme that I have named USAPonzi. This Ponzi scheme fiscal policy is cheating the common man, cheating the rest of the planet, overpaying the social benefit recipients, overpaying the U.S. Government workers, undertaxing the U.S. taxpayers, and appearing to make the upper class in the United States (and even other parts of the planet) super prosperous and super wealthy.

This fraud was started by the U.S. Government adopting the "Unified Budget" for FY1969 that was proposed by Lyndon Baines Johnson and approved by the 90th Congress. USAPonzi has been operating for 47 years.

This fraud has produced $101.4 Trillion of
counterfeit money which makes the upper class throughout the planet appear to be super wealthy. The U.S. Government has borrowed $101.4 Trillion from the future U.S. taxpayers to produce this counterfeit money, counterfeit prosperity, and counterfeit wealth.

All of the people on the Forbes list of Billionaires can thank this U.S. Government fraud, and especially LBJ, for making them appear to be so wealthy.

You can learn about this massive fraud/Ponzi scheme by reading my website or better yet by reading my book "USAPonzi" which is available on Amazon.

This is the biggest financial fraud ever perpetrated, I call it

"USAPonzi: The Ultimate Government Fraud"!

"The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet"!

John W. White
Plano, Texas

The financial data presented in this letter was sourced from as of March 6, 2016.