USAPonzi-The Great American Fraud

                                                 Copyright Declaration       PEMMA-Planet Earth Man-Made Apocalypse    John W. White   March 29, 2013

                Table of Contents

                             The Author
           Chapter   1  What is a Ponzi Scheme?
           Chapter   2  What is GAAP Accounting?
           Chapter   3  Introduction to USAPonzi "Cooking the Books"
           Chapter   4  USAPonzi-"The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet"
           Chapter   5  The Oswald Financial Bubble
           Chapter   6  The Infinite Counterfeit Money Machine
           Chapter   7  Creating Counterfeit Wealth
           Chapter   8  Buffett makes $9 Million a day on U.S. Government Fraud
           Chapter   9  Creating Counterfeit Prosperity
           Chapter 10  Cheating the Common Man
           Chapter 11  Cheating the Planet
           Chapter 12  The End Game for USAPonzi
           Chapter 13  The American Housing Bubble
           Chapter 14  How LBJ Financed the Smartphone Phenomenon
           Chapter 15  Why Apple Joins the Dow
           Chapter 16  Amazon: A Counterfeit Company created by USAPonzi
           Chapter 17  Washington DC-A Coming Ghost Town
           Chapter 18  Las Vegas-A Coming Ghost Town
           Chapter 19  Why Pro Athletes make $Millions
           Chapter 20  U.S. Total Financial Leverage 4.2X 1929
           Chapter 21  U.S. Financial Crisis 9X that of Greece
             Chapter 22  The Distortions of USAPonzi

           Chapter 23  We need more and bigger docks
           Chapter 24  The Implosion of USAPonzi
           Chapter 25  The Myth of American Economic Exceptionalism
           Chapter 26  Scoundrels, Liars, and Cheaters
           Chapter 27  Fed Chairmen are Co-conspirators in USAPonzi
           Chapter 28  The Fed IS NOT the Problem
           Chapter 29  Why the U.S. Government raises the Debt Ceiling
           Chapter 30  Whistleblower Letters to SEC
                Chapter 31  How Oswald created ISIS
             Chapter 32  U.S. Government is "Too Big to Save"

           Chapter 33  Sitting on a Global Financial Time Bomb
           Chapter 34  The Rise and Fall of the American Empire  
           Chapter 35 
A Disciplined Budgeting Process