USAPonzi-The Great American Fraud

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How USAPonzi created "The Clinton Foundation"
January 6, 2016
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How Bill and Hillary got rich from U.S. Government Fraud!

USAPonzi, "The Ultimate Government Fraud", has made it possible for Bill and Hillary Clinton to get very rich (net worth of $120 Million) and to get $2 Billion into "The Clinton Foundation". A former President and a candidate for President have become extremely wealthy because of the fiscal and accounting fraud of an entity over which Bill Clinton was "CEO" for eight years. Our Justice Department has sent several CEOs to prison for this kind of accounting fraud but these frauds were petty crimes compared to USAPonzi ($100.7 Trillion).

The U.S. Government is operating with a Ponzi scheme fiscal policy (USAPonzi) that is creating counterfeit money, counterfeit private wealth, and counterfeit prosperity for U.S. citizens and businesses with massive GAAP basis deficit spending. The fundamental issue that all U.S. citizens must come to understand is that "deficit spending" creates "counterfeit money". Deficit spending means spending money that you do not have or committing to spend money that you will never have.

Spending money that you do not have creates debt. Committing to spend money that you will never have creates Unfunded Future Liabilities. Unfunded Future Liabilities is just an assessment as to how much debt you will be incurring in the future "if" you are serious about keeping those future promises. When we borrow money to pay government employees we are introducing counterfeit money into the financial system. When we borrow money to pay social benefit recipients we are introducing counterfeit money in to the financial system. When we do not collect the taxes to pay for these cash expenditures we create counterfeit money. When we do not collect the taxes to adequately fund our future commitments we create counterfeit money. The taxpayers don't have to pay these taxes so they appear to get richer by the amount of the undertaxing.

That is why every dollar of deficit spending becomes a counterfeit dollar in the pocket of the U.S. citizen or business that should have paid those taxes. As of Jan 6, 2016 the U.S. Government has $100.7 Trillion of unpaid taxes. This is reported on as US Unfunded Liabilities (GAAP) and therefore we have $100.7 Trillion of counterfeit money in the global financial system.  This money is not worth a plugged nickel since it is to be paid by the future U.S. taxpayers and we now know that the current U.S. taxpayers are under paying their taxes by $5.87 Trillion (our GAAP Deficit) in FY2016.

The U.S. Government is creating counterfeit money out of "thin air" at the rate of our GAAP basis deficit spending which comes to $16.1 Billion every day. That is why the rich are getting so rich, the U.S. Government is stuffing counterfeit money into their pockets every single day. Therefore the rich have tons of money to spend, to buy stocks, houses, cars, planes, smartphones, football tickets and whatever. The U.S. Government is also paying the Government employees and the social benefit recipients much more than the U.S. taxpayer can afford so that they too can by stocks, houses, cars, smartphones, football tickets and whatever.

The U.S. Government is passing out counterfeit money that we are using to buy things so that the companies selling these things look like their business is doing great. Because these businesses look like they are doing great, they look valuable so investors use their counterfeit money to buy stock in these companies which creates "The Stock Market Bubble".

Many of us collect enough of this counterfeit money to buy houses which creates "The Housing Bubble". That is why house prices continue to go up, the U.S. Government is creating an infinite amount of counterfeit money.

Many of us collect enough of this counterfeit money to buy cars and trucks which creates "The Automobile Bubble". That is why we are buying more cars every year because we have more counterfeit money every year. That is why we have so many traffic jams. The U.S. Government gives us more counterfeit money every year and every day so we can have more cars and trucks and more traffic. The U.S. Government is creating an infinite amount of counterfeit money.

Many of us collect enough of this counterfeit money so that we can buy plane tickets so the airlines can buy airplanes. Some of us collect enough of this counterfeit money so that they can buy their own airplanes. This is what creates "The Airplane Bubble". That is why we are buying more airplanes every year because we have more counterfeit money every year. That is why we have so much congestion in the air that we cannot safely fly our drones. The U.S. Government is creating an infinite amount of counterfeit money.

Many of us get enough counterfeit money every month to pay our cell phone bill so almost everyone can own a smartphone which creates "The Smartphone Bubble".

Most of us get enough counterfeit money every month so that we can buy gas, so the oil companies can buy oil with this pass through counterfeit money so that the oil producing countries can get rich enough to build skyscrapers which creates "The Oil Price Bubble" and "The Skyscraper Bubble".

And nobody is out any money because all of this counterfeit money was created out of "thin air" by the U.S. Government passing the tax bill forward to the future U.S. taxpayers who now owe $100.7 Trillion. That will buy a lot of stocks, houses, cars, trucks, airplanes, smartphones, oil, and skyscrapers.

It also means that a lot of upper class folks are getting filthy rich, $100.7 Trillion can buy a lot of stuff and still leave a lot of money in the pockets of the upper class. They, by default. are the big winners in this fraud.

But let's get back to the subject of this commentary. How did this get $2 Billion into "The Clinton Foundation"? A lot of wealthy people and companies are collecting millions and billions of dollars, remember that $100.7 Trillion stash of counterfeit money that has been created with this scheme, so they are willing to pay hefty speaking and book fees to Bill and Hillary Clinton. A lot of wealthy people, companies, and countries seem to be very happy with what Bill and Hillary have done or are doing for them to the point that they have given "The Clinton Foundation" $2 Billion and now the foundation employees 2000 people. This Clinton Foundation is based in Canada, so the Clintons are, like many other financial frauds, using a non-U.S. entity to circumvent U.S. laws and taxes.

The U.S. Government is committing fiscal and financial fraud so the U.S. Government fiscal policy can create $100.7 Trillion of counterfeit money so that Bill and Hillary can acquire a personal fortune and can create a $2 Billion Foundation that provides a very nice income for 2000 of their friends and so that they can pay themselves management fees from this foundation.

Is it any wonder that the Common Man does not trust the U.S. Government? The U.S. Government is committing fiscal and accounting fraud so that they can feather their own nests and dramatically feather the nests of their rich friends so that their rich friends will contribute to their foundations and their elections campaigns and can pay them large speaking fees and book royalties.

The rich people and companies do not mind paying these fees and royalties and making these campaign and foundation contributions since the way USAPonzi works there is always more counterfeit money where that came from. USAPonzi is creating $16.1 Billion every day and $5.87 Trillion this fiscal year.

Bill Clinton is considered to be one of the smartest guys/gals in the room because everyone thinks that he is the only president to preside over a budget surplus since Lyndon Baines Johnson pulled the wool over the eyes of the 90th Congress to pretend like he had balanced the budget in FY1969. LBJ did not balance the budget, he just "Cooked the Books". He "borrowed" all of the money in the social benefit trust fund to pay the bills in FY1969.  This also launched USAPonzi which now produces this massive amount of counterfeit money. Bill Clinton did not have a budget surplus during his presidency either, he just had a slight cash surplus, but he had a massive GAAP deficit throughout his tenure in office as have all presidents over the last 47 years. In fact, the National Debt increased every year that Bill Clinton was in office even though with fraudulent accounting he was able to claim a "budget surplus". He just did not have to steal all of the social benefit tax revenue for a couple of years to cover the general operating expenses.

We must demand that the U.S. Government start telling the financial truth!

Bill Clinton gets undue credit for the economic success in the 1990s. USAPonzi was the cause of this apparent economic success. USAPonzi has been operating for 47 years and Bill Clinton was the beneficiary of one of the two major pulsations of USAPonzi.  Clinton got the undue credit for the tax revenue bonanza that was generated by "The Internet Bubble". The second major pulsation of USAPonzi was "The Housing Bubble". We as Americans are collecting more and more counterfeit money every day so we have more counterfeit money to buy houses which led to "The Housing Bubble" and its ultimate bursting.

But since both of these bubbles, Internet and Housing, were caused by USAPonzi and USAPonzi is still operating we are still in a "Stock Market Bubble" and a "Housing Bubble" and an "Automobile Bubble" and an "Airplane Bubble" and a "Smartphone Bubble" and an "Oil Price Bubble" and a "Skyscraper Bubble". Until USAPonzi implodes and/or the U.S. Government starts operating with an honest fiscal policy and honest accounting system all of these bubbles will continue to expand. The root cause of all of these bubbles is the counterfeit money financial bubble that USAPonzi is producing.

When USAPonzi implodes and this stash and stream of counterfeit money evaporates, the stock market will crash, the real estate will crash, the price of oil and gold will crash, and we will have many houses, cars, trucks, planes, office buildings, smartphones, and skyscrapers sitting idle because we will not have the money to use, operate, and maintain these assets.

And this was all caused by Lee Harvery Oswald assassinating John F. Kennedy.

So even the speaking fees that Bill Clinton is getting are derived, at least in part, from his apparent but false economic success as the President of the United States. It was an accident of timing that allowed him to be in office when "The Internet Bubble" expanded and that was caused by fiscal and accounting fraud that began in 1969.

When someone of stature finally exposes this massive fraud, this "house of cards" will come tumbling down.

When that happens, most of "The Clintion Foundation" funds and the Clinton family net worth will evaporate. After all, most of us are operating with counterfeit money. Many of us are hoodwinked into thinking we are rich but 84% of our wealth is counterfeit money.

Not to be out done, I am taking advantage of this U.S. Government fraud to sell a book on Amazon, that attempts to explain this Ponzi scheme. The book is not surprisingly called USAPonzi.

USAPonzi-The Book may well be the most informative, shocking, and scary book you will read in 2016.

USAPonzi on Amazon

I have been writing about this topic for about 5 years and have been sharing these writings on my website,, since March 29, 2013.  However, I am relying on the theory that this "wisdom?" will appear to be more valuable if it costs counterfeit money. 

The financial data presented in this commentary was sourced from as of January 6, 2016.