USAPonzi-The Great American Fraud

                                                 Copyright Declaration       PEMMA-Planet Earth Man-Made Apocalypse    John W. White   March 29, 2013

Emails to Notables

I have sent Emails to notable organizations and individuals in an attempt to inform them about and to expose USAPonzi.

New York Times Dec 29, 2014
Wall Street Journal Jan 5, 2015
Dallas Morning News Jan 15, 2015
Dr. Kaushik Basu Chief Economist World Bank
Mark Cuban Owner Dallas Mavericks Mar 12, 2015
Michael Lewis Noted Author Mar 13, 2015

Dr. Ian Morris Stanford Professor Feb 15, 2015
Email List USAPonziPrime
Scott Galloway NYU Professor
Tom Hudson News Reporter WLRN Miami, FL
Tom Friedman New York Times Columnist
Pete Sessions U.S. Congressman 12/8/17
Steve Brown Real Estate Editor DMN 12/14/17
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Noted Author of The Black Swan 12/26/17
Mitchell Schnurman DMN How the bull run hit DFW 1/7/18
Andrew Ross Sorkin NYT/CNBC Reporter 4/20/18
Maria Halkias DMN Amazon is a Hoax 4/30/18
DMN Grant Moise US. Gov is committing fiscal and accounting fraud 8/1/18
Mike Rawlings Mayor of Dallas U.S. Government accounting fraud 10/18/18
Russ Roberts Fellow Hoover Institute 10/26/18
CNBC Investiagations 10/30/18
DMN 181030 Mitchell Schnurman A Texas-sized wake-up call
DMN 181030 Steve Brown D-FW still a leader in building
DMN 181107 Robert Wilonsky Geography of Inequity
DMN 181113 Maria Halkias Dallas Fortunate to not win Amazon HQ2
The Atlantic 181117 Derek Thompson Amazon HQ2 Spectacle should be Illegal
DMN 181118 Mitchell Schnurnam Amazon HQ2 Debacle
DMN 181118 Paul ODonnell Amazon HQ2 Debacle
USGCRP 181124 Dr. Michael Kuperberg Exec Director-Global Warming caused by US Gov Fraud
DMN 181205 Steve Brown Are We in a Price Bubble
DMN 181211 Greg Drake Open Letter to Planet Earth US Gov Fraud is Destroying Planet Earth
DMN 181216 Mitchell Schnurnam Apple Austin Technology Campus Debacle
DMN 181223 Scott Burns Good, better, best not enough
NYT 181226 Editorial Saving Planet Earth
NYT 181226 Letters Saving Planet Earth
NYT 181226 Opinion Saving Planet Earth
NYT 181226 Tips Saving Planet Earth
Jeremy Siegel 190102 U.S. Government Fraud is Destroying Planet Earth
Fed 190104 URGENT MESSAGE for Jay Powell-Fed Chairman
NYT 190114 TFriedman JStewart US Government Accounting Fraud
Dr Mark Skidmore 190121 US Government Accounting Fraud
NBER James Potebra 190125 Economic Recovery caused by accounting fraud USAPonzi
DMN Grant Moise 190204 US Government Accounting Fraud
CNBC Investigations 190213 US Government Accounting Fraud
DMN WatchDog Dave Lieber 190215 US Government Accounting Fraud
Harvard 190311 Ken Rogoff US Government Accounting Fraud
Jamie Dimon 190318 JPMorgan Poor are being left behind
Dallas Mayor 190425 Opioid Crisis Caused by US Government Accounting Fraud
Beto ORourke 190429 Climate Change-Cause and Solution
George Will 190501 Borrowing from the Future
Lawrence Summers 190507 US and Global Economy Propped up by US Gov Fraud
Neel Kashkari 190513 US Government Accounting Fraud
Ralph Nader 190523 US Government Accounting Fraud warning
Fed 190614 Plea for Fed to Expose US Gov Accounting Fraud
Byron Wien 190919 US Government Accounting Fraud warning
Michael Kuperberg 190920 The Cause of Global Warming
Abby Phillip 191213 Partisan Conflict in Washington due USAPonzi
Jared Bernstein 191220 Center on Budget and Policy Whistleblower Letter #1 to Planet Earth
Andrew Ross Sorkin 191230 NYT/CNBC Reporter USAPonzi-The Great American Fraud
Kevin Simpson 200102 Chief Investment Officer Capital Wealth Planning
Gene Munster 201007 Founder Loup Ventures Why Tesla stock price is going up
James Bullard 200304 St. Louis Fed Pres Bullard Whistleblower Letter #1 via Ellen Amato
James Bullard 200306 St. Louis Fed Pres Bullard Whistleblower Letter #1 to Planet Earth
Jon Schwarz 200318 Stock Market Crash may break addiction to fantasy
Richard Preston 200403 Author The Hot Zone US Gov Fraud causes coronavirus pandemic
Van Taylor 200615 Meeting Request
The Atlantic Derek Thompson 200712 Covid-19 Impact on Planet Earth
Bob Keener Inequalitycom 201108 Inequality in America
DMN WatchDog Dave Lieber 210221 US Gov Fraud creates demand for infinite energy