USAPonzi-The Great American Fraud

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Amazon Headquarters Search is a Fool's Errand
October 6, 2017   Emailed to WSJ/NYT/DMN on Oct 6, 2017

The following is an Op-Ed to “The Wall Street Journal”, “The New York Times” and “The Dallas Morning News” that explains why the Amazon headquarters search is a fool's errand!

The “news media” has an ethical responsibility to inform the general public of how the U.S. Government is committing fiscal and accounting fraud to cheat the general public and the rest of the planet so they can “feather their own nests” and “dramatically feather the nests of their upper-class friends”!

Amazon Headquarters Search is a Fool's Errand

October 6, 2017

Jeff Bezos, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Amazon, has sent his management team on a fool's errand to find a new headquarters site for Amazon! This is a fool's errand because the business model of Amazon makes the basic assumption that the U.S. Government will continue forever the Ponzi scheme fiscal policy that I call USAPonzi. Amazon is a counterfeit company built on imaginary-counterfeit money that this Ponzi scheme is borrowing from the future Americans. When this Ponzi scheme implodes, the “house of cards” that appears to make Amazon successful will come crashing down!

For the last 48 years, current Americans have been buying stuff, frequently from Amazon, with the future Americans money, money that the future Americans do not have! This is the very nature of a Ponzi scheme, the early participants get paid with money that late participants are expected to pay later. GAAP Accounting reports that the future Americans now have $107.7 Trillion on their credit card (US Unfunded Liabilities (GAAP))!

Jeff Bezos is revered as one of the most successful businesspersons in history but Jeff Bezos has achieved this success because of a corrupt U.S. Government. Almost everybody on the planet has been fooled by a corrupt U.S. Government. Amazon appears to be successful because the U.S. Government is using fraudulent accounting to borrow $107.7 Trillion from the future Americans and give it to the current Americans so we can buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. The U.S. Government is running a Ponzi scheme because it is operating with Cash Accounting rather than the proper GAAP Accounting (See USAPonzi CliffsNotes)!

This Amazon headquarters search is likely to cause some unsuspecting metropolitan area to make some foolish financial commitments in an effort to attract Amazon to their location!

Author's Note: It is now reported that Amazon is planning to start its own shipping company to deliver the stuff that the current Americans are fraudulently buying with this imaginary-counterfeit money. When the U.S. Government is printing an infinite supply of imaginary-counterfeit money, we can eventually buy anything and everything we want and have it delivered free almost instantaneously!

Author's Note: Because the Amazon business model seems to work so well, the futurists on TV are now predicting that Amazon will be able to start shipping you stuff before you realize that you need or want it. An infinite supply of imaginary-counterfeit money, fraudulently borrowed from the future Americans, can make a lot of things appear to be possible!

We must stop buying and building things with imaginary-counterfeit money that the U.S. Government is fraudulently borrowing from the future Americans! We are buying and building a ridiculous number of inappropriate physical objects because the U.S. Government is corrupt! We are Filling the Planet with Junk purchased with imaginary-counterfeit money that has been created out of “thin air” by a corrupt U.S. Government!

Amazon has already built a lot of warehouses, distribution centers, and data centers that will be ghost facilities when USAPonzi implodes. If Amazon proceeds with this new Amazon headquarters construction, it too will be a ghost facility when USAPonzi implodes.

Jeff Bezos needs to be informed that his company is operating in a fantasy world created by a corrupt U.S. Government. Jeff Bezos and many other business leaders are making foolish financial decisions because of the corruption within the U.S. Government!

The United States of America appears to be the wealthiest and most prosperous country on the planet because the U.S. Government is perpetrating a $107.7 Trillion fiscal and accounting fraud! The United States of America appears to be wealthy and prosperous because the U.S. Government has fraudulently borrowed $107.7 Trillion from the future Americans and given it to the U.S. upper class!

$107.7 Trillion of imaginary-counterfeit money can buy a lot of stuff from Amazon!

The U.S. Government is corrupt! The U.S. Government is running a $107.7 Trillion Ponzi scheme. The U.S. Government is being run by a bunch of common criminals! We should call them super-criminals because of the size ($107.7 Trillion) of their crime!


National Debt 
$20.2 Trillion 
Cash Deficit in FY2018  $0.69 Trillion 
GAAP Deficit in FY2018 

$5.50 Trillion 

US Unfunded Future Liabilities 
$87.5 Trillion 
US Unfunded Liabilities (GAAP) 
$107.7 Trillion 
Imaginary-Counterfeit Money 
$107.7 Trillion 
Total National Assets 
$134.0 Trillion 

Source: Oct 6, 2017

To eliminate this fraud, the U.S. Government must adopt GAAP Accounting and commit to a balanced GAAP basis budget.

I have published a website that explains how this fraud works to create a massive global wealth and income gap between the haves and the have-nots and to create false wealth and prosperity for the current Americans. The website is an introduction to my more detailed website and my books “USAPonzi” (Nov 22, 2015) and “USAPonzi2” (May 1, 2017) which are available on Amazon to better explain this fraud/Ponzi scheme.

This is the biggest ($107.7 Trillion) financial fraud ever perpetrated, I call it “USAPonzi: The Ultimate Government Fraud” and “The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet”.

John W. White
Plano, TX