USAPonzi-The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet-The U.S. Government

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Warren blames SEC for GameStop Fiasco 210201
February 1, 2021
Emailed to United Nations, Fed Chair Jay Powell, Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari, Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan, Congressman Van Taylor, Congressman Colin Allred, Senator John Cornyn, Senator Ted Cruz, The U.S. SEC, NYT/WSJ/WP/CNBC/DMN on 2/1/21

Senator Elizabeth Warren blames the SEC for the GameStop short squeeze fiasco when she and her associates in the U.S. Congress are the real culprits that created this fiasco!

It is not a good idea to frenetically accuse someone else of something for which you are responsible!

The U.S. Government is running a classic Ponzi scheme, I call it USAPonzi, that is in the process of printing an infinite amount of counterfeit money, I call it imaginary-counterfeit money, that gives the illusion that Americans can buy an infinite number of games from GameStop!

The stock market is in the process of going to infinity because the corrupt U.S. Government is printing an infinite amount of imaginary-counterfeit money so Americans can fraudulently buy an infinite amount of everything
The corrupt U.S. Government has already printed $159.1 Trillion of imaginary-counterfeit money!


NY Post
Elizabeth Warren enters the GameStop fracas with open letter to SEC

By Steven Nelson  January 29, 2021

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren said the GameStop stock rise could be a 'pump-and-dump' scheme.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Friday asked the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate the recent boost in GameStop stock price that was driven by calls for ordinary people to punish hedge funds.

The Massachusetts Democrat raised the possibility that the stock rally, described as a populist rebellion against Wall Street, actually could be driven by “scam artists executing a ‘pump-and-dump’ stock scheme.”

“I am deeply concerned that these casino-like swings in the value of GameStop and other company shares are yet another example of the gamesmanship that interferes with the ‘fair, orderly, and efficient’ function of the market,” Warren wrote in a letter to acting SEC Chairwoman Allison Lee.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is blaming the SEC but she and her associates in the U.S. Congress are responsible for the casino-like swings in the stock market by printing an infinite amount of imaginary-counterfeit money!

Ordinary people are using this infinite supply of imaginary-counterfeit money to buy GameStop stock to cause the current short squeeze on the hedge funds! Without this infinite supply of counterfeit money, ordinary people would not be willing to spend their limited supply of real money to force this short squeeze!

However, Senator Warren is still correct for reprimanding the SEC for being asleep at the switch!

The SEC should have exposed this U.S. Government Ponzi scheme long before it would run for 52 years! For the last 52 years, the corrupt U.S. Government has been fraudulently borrowing money from the future Americans and giving it to the U.S. upper class!

I sent my first of 15 whistleblower letters to the SEC on January 8, 2014 in an attempt to alert the SEC that the U.S. Government was running a Ponzi scheme!

Senator Warren, the U.S. Congress, the SEC, and the investors in GameStop have all been fooled by the U.S. Government fiscal and accounting fraud that I call USAPonzi!

The following commentaries explain this fiscal and accounting fraud that I call USAPonzi!

USAPonzi-The Great American Fraud
Whistleblower Letter #3 to U.S. General Public
Whistleblower Letter #6 to Congress

The devastating impact of this accounting fraud on Planet Earth is summarized in my Oct 1, 2020 commentary.

Quintet of Global Crises (Economy, Climate, Health, Hunger, Depression)

National Debt  $27.9 Trillion 
Cash Deficit in FY2021  $3.20 Trillion 
GAAP Deficit in FY2021  $13.18 Trillion 
US Unfunded Future Liabilities  $131.2 Trillion 
US Unfunded Liabilities (GAAP)  $159.1 Trillion 
Imaginary-Counterfeit Money  $159.1 Trillion 
US Total National Assets  $157.0 Trillion 

Source: February 1, 2021

The current fiscal policy of the corrupt U.S. Government, I call it USAPonzi, is Destroying Planet Earth!

I have written two websites ( and and eight books that explain USAPonzi and the impact it is having on Planet Earth. My latest book (USAPonziE) is available on Amazon and can also be downloaded from my website.

John W. White
Plano, TX