USAPonzi-The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet-The U.S. Government

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The Bubbles of USAPonzi 200525
May 25, 2020
Emailed to The United Nations, Fed Chair Jay Powell, St Louis Fed President James Bullard, Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari, Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan, Congressman Van Taylor, Congressman Colin Allred, Senator John Cornyn, Senator Ted Cruz, The U.S. SEC, and NYT/WSJ/WP/DMN/CNBC on 5/25/20

I am a Whistleblower! The U.S. Government is corrupt!

The corrupt U.S. Government is not operating its fiscal policy with proper and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP Accounting) commonly called accrual accounting!

Because the corrupt U.S. Government is not accruing for future benefit promises to the U.S. general public, the corrupt and criminal U.S. Government has fraudulently borrowed $147.7 Trillion from the future Americans, I call it imaginary-counterfiet money, and given it to the U.S. upper class!

This fiscal and accounting fraud/Ponzi scheme, I call it USAPonzi, has created bubbles in essentially all asset classes!

These asset bubbles exhibit one or more of the following attributes:

We have built and/or bought more of the asset than we can afford.
We have built and/or bought assets that are bigger and nicer than we can afford.
The price of the asset is increasing.

The car, airplane, and house bubbles exhibit all three of these attributes.

The oil bubble exhibits two of these attributes; quantity and price.

The following is a list of several of the these asset bubbles
These asset bubbles have been produced because the U.S. Government is in the process of printing an infinite amount of imaginary-counterfeit money by fraudulently borrowing it from the future Americans!

$147.7 Trillion of imaginary-counterfeit money can create a lot of asset bubbles!

Money-The Oswald Financial Bubble 151122

Millionaires-Imaginary Millionaires and Billionaires 160531

Ultra-Rich-Jeff Bezos The $100 Billion Man 171128

Oil-The Oil Price Bubble 160720

Cars-Oswald creates Traffic Jams 151221

Teslas-Tesla Mania reaching stratospheric levels 200204

Trucks-Where will we park all the Damn Trucks 190411

Airplanes-Where will we park all the Damn Airplanes 190318

Houses-Cars, Airplanes, and Houses coming out of our ears 200127

Banks-The Bank Bubble 160216

Restaurants-Starbucks Miracle/Debacle 170617

Smartphones-LBJ Financed our Smartphones 151122

Skyscrapers-The Skyscraper Bubble 160102

Cities-Las Vegas-A Coming Ghost Town 151122

China-China Miracle produced by USAPonzi 181204

Saudi Arabia-Saudi Wealth produced by U.S. Gov Fraud 171108

Stock Market-Why does the Stock Market keep going up 160701

CEO Pay-CEO Pay and Stock Buybacks 200520

Pro Athlete Pay-Pro Athletes Make $Millions 151122

Sports Teams-Oswald Made the Dallas Cowboys Valuable 160714

Sports Stadiums-Texas Rangers Globe Life Field Debacle 170922

Private Schools-Education Cost and Equality Crisis 170802

Education Cost-Education Cost and Equality Crisis 170802

Healthcare Cost-Healthcare Cost Inflation of USAPonzi 170326

Tennis Shoes-Amazon-A Counterfeit Company 151122

Tattoo Parlors-Tattoo Parlors created by U.S. Gov Fraud 020523

Movies-Netflix Miracle by Fraud 190117

Terrorists-How Oswald created ISIS 151122

Drugs-Opioid Crisis caused by US Gov Fraud 190426

Guns-Gun Violence caused by US Gov Fraud 190806

US Military-War and Terror are Financed by Fraud 181017

Windmills-Windfarm Debacle 161101

The following are links to my whistleblower letters to Planet Earth and to the U.S. Congress in an attempt to expose this fraud and corruption within the U.S. Government!

Whistleblower Letter #1 to Planet Earth
Whistleblower Letter #5 to the U.S. Congress


US National Debt  $25.5 Trillion 
Cash Deficit in FY2020  $2.94 Trillion 
GAAP Deficit in FY2020  >$21.6 Trillion 
US Unfunded Future Liabilities  $122.2 Trillion 
US Unfunded Liabilities (GAAP)  $147.7 Trillion 
Imaginary-Counterfeit Money  $147.7 Trillion 
US Total National Assets  $143.5 Trillion 

Source: May 25, 2020
* has stopped explicitly reporting the GAAP Deficit. The GAAP Deficit is implicitly reported as the change in US Unfunded Liabilities (GAAP). US Unfunded Liabilities (GAAP) were $126.1 Trillion on October 1, 2019 the start date for FY2020, therefore the GAAP Deficit in FY2020 will be >$21.6 Trillion (>$147.7T-$126.1T = >$21.6T).

I have written two websites ( and and eight books that explain this fraud and the impact it is having on Planet Earth! My seventh book (USAPonziD) is available on AmazonAmazon has decided not to publish my eighth book (USAPonziE) since most of the content is available on my websites and in my earlier books! The reader can download my latest book (USAPonziE) most conveniently from my website.

John W. White
Plano, TX