USAPonzi-The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet-The U.S. Government

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Peddling Fiction!
January 13, 2016
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Obama: "Anyone claiming that America's Economy is in decline is peddling fiction"!

In the "State of the Union" speech last night, President Obama stated that anyone claiming that the U.S. economy is in decline is peddling fiction. This comment was directed at some of the Republican presidential candidates that make that claim. By making this statement, the President of the United States is either a liar or a fool. The U.S. and the global economy is being supported by U.S. Government fraud and corruption. The U.S. Government is operating with a Ponzi scheme fiscal policy that is creating counterfeit money for the U.S. citizens to spend, spend, spend.

To date the U.S. Government has created $100.8 Trillion of counterfeit money.  America's economy looks to be the strongest on the planet right now but the U.S. economy and the global economy are both being propped up by this U.S. Government fraud and corruption.

This Ponzi scheme fiscal policy (USAPonzi) has created a "Money Supply Bubble", a "Stock Market Bubble", an "Internet Bubble", a "Housing Bubble", an "Automobile Bubble", an "Airplane Bubble", a "Smartphone Bubble", an "Oil Price Bubble", a "Gold Price Bubble", a "Skyscraper Bubble", and bubbles in essentially all asset classes.  The U.S. Government issues this counterfeit money to U.S. citizens and business by paying government workers and social benefit recipients more than the U.S. taxpayer can afford and by dramatically undertaxing the current U.S. taxpayers.

We are filling the planet with stuff that we cannot afford by spending this counterfeit money that has been "borrowed" from the future U.S. taxpayers.  We, in America, are overrun with houses, cars, trucks, airplanes, smartphones, skyscrapers, hotels, casinos, sports arenas, office buildings, clothes, food, drink, and whatever; most of which we cannot afford.  We are writing hot checks to the rest of the planet to acquire this stuff and pretending like the future U.S. taxpayer will make up the difference.  The difference is currently $100.8 Trillion.

The U.S. Government is operating with a corrupt and fraudulent fiscal policy and accounting system. The U.S. Government is using an improper accounting system by using Cash Accounting rather than the proper GAAP Accounting system. This creates massive GAAP basis deficit spending which creates this counterfeit money.

If President Obama does not know about this U.S. Government fraud and corruption, then both he and his advisors are fools.  If he knows about this fraud and makes this "peddling fiction" comment then he is a liar.

The U.S. Government has already handed out $100.8 Trillion of counterfeit money to U.S. citizens and businesses so that we can buy things that we cannot afford.  The U.S. Government is handing out $16.1 Billion of counterfeit money every day.

There is also a distinct possibility that some, maybe even most, of the Republican presidential candidates do not really understand how our economy is being propped up with U.S. Government fraud and corruption.  My sense is that most of them have an inkling that we have a fiscal policy problem but very few if any of them have a true understanding of the magnitude and severity of the problem.

We are headed toward a financial and economic catastrophe of epic proportions when USAPonzi implodes and nobody is talking openly about it.  It could be the most serious problem that we face as a nation and as a planet.

I would even go so far as to say that the apparent economic disparity that this fraud is causing within the United States and between the United States and the rest of the planet, could be a contributing factor to the animosity between nations, economic classes, and religious faiths.

I have been writing about this topic for about 5 years and have been sharing these writings on my website since March 29, 2013.  I have just published USAPonzi in book form on Amazon to hopefully better and more directly explain this U.S. Government fraud and corruption.

President Obama is the one "peddling fiction"!

The financial data presented in this commentary was sourced from as of January 13, 2016.