USAPonzi-The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet-The U.S. Government

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March 8, 2021

$159.6 Trillion U.S. Government fraud!

The corrupt U.S. Government is committing a $159.6 Trillion fiscal and accounting fraud that is enriching the U.S. upper class and cheating the U.S. general public! This fraud has fraudulently borrowed $159.6 Trillion from the future Americans and given it to the U.S. upper class! This fraud is a classic Ponzi scheme, I call it USAPonzi, that is on the verge of imploding which will cause the stock market to crash like never before!

The corrupt U.S. Government is not operating its fiscal policy with proper GAAP Accounting!

The legendary investor, David Tepper, has been fooled by this fraud!

David Tepper is a legendary investor who specializes in distressed debt and manages one of the most successful hedge fund firms of all time. David Tepper’s worth is approximately $13 billion, according to Forbes 2020 The World’s Billionaires List.

David Tepper is getting bullish on stocks, believes rising rates are set to stabilize


David Tepper, founder of Appaloosa Management whose comments have been known to move markets, said it’s very difficult to be bearish on stocks right now and thinks the sell-off in Treasuries that has driven rates higher is likely over.

The major market risk has been removed, Tepper said, adding that rates should be more stable in the short term.

“Basically, I think rates have temporarily made the most of the move and should be more stable in the next few months, which makes it safer to be in stocks for now,” Tepper told CNBC’s Joe Kernen, who shared the comments on “Squawk Box.”

Unfortunately, David Tepper has been fooled by the corruption within the U.S. Government and is giving unsound advice to investors and to the U.S. general public. When USAPonzi Implodes, I predict that the stock market will crash, falling by about 95 percent!

The following commentaries explain this
fiscal and accounting fraud that I call USAPonzi and the impact it is having on Planet Earth!

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I have written two websites ( and and eight books that explain USAPonzi and the impact it is having on Planet Earth. My latest book (USAPonziE) is available on Amazon and can also be downloaded from my website.

John W. White
Plano, TX