USAPonzi-The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet-The U.S. Government

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America is the Planet Bully! 200108
January 8, 2020
Emailed to United Nations, Fed Chair Jay Powell, Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari, Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan, Congressman Van Taylor, Congressman Colin Allred, Senator John Cornyn, Senator Ted Cruz, The U.S. SEC, NYT/WSJ/WP/CNBC/DMN, and Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson on 1/8/20.

The United States of America is attempting to maintain financial, economic, political, and military control of Planet Earth by committing a fiscal and accounting fraud! The U.S. Government is not operating its fiscal policy according to proper and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP Accounting) and as a result is printing imaginary-counterfeit money to fraudulently enrich America and to provide the money to finance both our political and military activities!

America needs to start acting like who we are rather than pretending to be something we are not!

The U.S. Government has printed $127.6 Trillion of counterfeit money so America can appear to pay for the largest military arsenal ever assembled and to support extensive military, intelligence, and diplomatic operations all over the planet!

Honest accounting would reflect the truth that American military, intelligence, and diplomatic resources would be a miniscule fraction of current levels if the U.S. Government was operating its fiscal policy with proper accrual accounting!

The U.S. Government needs to back off from trying to tell and force other countries what to do and how to do it!

The U.S. Government is running a Con Game to make the rest of the planet think the United States is rich and powerful when in fact our financial, economic, political, and military capabilities are not that much different than most other countries!

Printing $127.6 Trillion of counterfeit money has let America appear to be the Planet Bully!

We need to assume our rightful and more modest role in the governance and control of planet earth!

Other countries would not be attacking and terrorizing us nearly as much if we were being honest with the rest of the planet! People and countries resent the fraudulent opulence that this accounting fraud that I call USAPonzi has produced for America!

We need to start living within our means rather than cheating the rest of the planet by printing counterfeit money!

USAPonzi is a $127.6 Trillion criminal act by the senior officials of the U.S. Government!

The following commentaries give further explanations of this absurd and criminal fiscal policy of the U.S. Government.

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Death of Planet Earth

National Debt  $23.2 Trillion 
Cash Deficit in FY2020  $1.05 Trillion 
GAAP Deficit in FY2020  $6.13 Trillion 
US Unfunded Future Liabilities  $104.4 Trillion 
US Unfunded Liabilities (GAAP))  $127.6 Trillion 
Imaginary-Counterfeit Money  $127.6 Trillion 
Total National Assets  $145.6 Trillion 

Source: January 8, 2020

You can learn much more detailed information about this
Con Game/accounting fraud/Ponzi scheme by reading my websites and or my sixth book on USAPonzi “USAPonziC which is available on Amazon.

John W. White

Plano, TX