USAPonzi-The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet-The U.S. Government

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May 29, 2020
Emailed to The United Nations, Fed Chair Jay Powell, St Louis Fed President James Bullard, Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari, Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan, Congressman Van Taylor, Congressman Colin Allred, Senator John Cornyn, Senator Ted Cruz, The U.S. SEC, and NYT/WSJ/WP/DMN/CNBC on 5/29/20

I am a Whistleblower! The U.S. Government is corrupt!

The corrupt U.S. Government is committing a fiscal and accounting fraud by not operating its fiscal policy with proper and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP Accounting) which has produced a massive Ponzi scheme that I call USAPonzi!

The corrupt U.S. Government is in the process of printing an infinite amount of imaginary-counterfeit money and giving it to the U.S. upper class! So far, this fiscal and accounting fraud has given the U.S. upper class $147.8 Trillion of imaginary-counterfeit money!

Amazon is suppressing the truth by blocking the publication of my eighth book (USAPonziE) that explains and exposes this fiscal and accounting fraud!

I have, for the last seven years, been studying and writing about this Ponzi scheme! I have written two websites ( and and now eight books in an attempt to explain and expose this fraud/Ponzi scheme! I have published seven of these books on Amazon.

When I tried to publish book eight (USAPonziE) Amazon blocked the publication of this book! Their rationale for blocking this book is that the content of my books tend to be very similar and that this content is freely available on the internet!

Both these things are true! The content of these books is very similar simply because I have only one objective, expose the fraud and corruption within the U.S. Government and the content of these books is readily and freely available on my websites.

My reason for publishing these books is to provide a consolidated summary of my findings about USAPonzi and to make it readily available to a much broader audience!

Each of these books provides an updated assessment of the U.S. Government financial condition and includes more of the commentaries on my websites that better explain how this accounting fraud is affecting the global financial system and the global economy and how physical damage is being done to Planet Earth because of this accounting fraud!

One of the reasons that Amazon gave for blocking the publication of USAPonziE was that having multiple books with similar content for sale on Amazon made it confusing for the potential buyer as to which book in this series of seven they should consider buying!

This is a valid criticism and was also a concern of mine. I have, since this criticism was voiced, unpublished my first six books and left only book seven (USAPonziD) published on Amazon!

I am anxious to publish book eight since this book not only updates the financial data and adds new commentaries, it has been significantly restructured to make it more readable.

I have also agreed to unpublish book seven (USAPonziD) as soon as book eight (USAPonziE) goes live on Amazon!

I deem it critical that this book be published since USAPonzi is enriching the rich and cheating the unrich, causing Global Warming, causing the Coronavirus Pandemic, causing The Greatest Depression, and destroying Planet Earth!

This book is trying to expose the fiscal and accounting fraud, that I call it USAPonzi, which is in the process of destroying Planet Earth!

Amazon is suppressing the truth by blocking the publication of my eighth book on USAPonzi (USAPonziE)!

The following are links to my whistleblower letters to Planet Earth and to the U.S. Congress in an attempt to expose this fraud and corruption within the U.S. Government!


Whistleblower Letter #1 to Planet Earth
Whistleblower Letter #5 to the U.S. Congress

US National Debt  $25.6 Trillion 
Cash Deficit in FY2020  $2.99 Trillion 
GAAP Deficit in FY2020  >$21.7 Trillion 
US Unfunded Future Liabilities  $122.2 Trillion 
US Unfunded Liabilities (GAAP)  $147.8 Trillion 
Imaginary-Counterfeit Money  $147.8 Trillion 
US Total National Assets  $143.4 Trillion 

Source: May 29, 2020
* has stopped explicitly reporting the GAAP Deficit. The GAAP Deficit is implicitly reported as the change in US Unfunded Liabilities (GAAP)US Unfunded Liabilities (GAAP) were $126.1 Trillion on October 1, 2019 the start date for FY2020, therefore the GAAP Deficit in FY2020 will be >$21.7 Trillion (>$147.8T-$126.1T = >$21.7T).

I have written two websites ( and and eight books that explain this fraud and the impact it is having on Planet Earth. My seventh book on USAPonzi (USAPonziD) is available on Amazon. Amazon has decided not to publish my eighth book (USAPonziE) since most of the content is available on my websites and in my earlier books. The reader can download my latest book (USAPonziE) most conveniently from my website.

John W. White
Plano, TX